Tumbler Wraps Blessings Drinks

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Our interchangeable, neoprene Tumbler Wraps fit most hydration containers on the market today. 
Personalize a wrap for any cause, event, sport or holiday
Dishwasher safe, so throw it in with your tumbler. Hydration NOT INCLUDED.

Sizing details:

Mac Daddy - 30oz Yeti | 40oz CamelBak Chute

Big Mama - 20oz Yeti | 24oz Corkcicle Tumbler | 25oz Corkcicle Canteen | 1liter CamelBak Chute/Eddy Bottle | 32oz Hydro Flask | 40oz Hydro Flask

Junior - 25oz S'well Bottle | .6liter CamelBak Eddy | .75liter Camelbak Eddy Bottle | 24oz Hydro Flask

Little Bit - 17oz S'well | 20oz CamelBak Chute

Runt - 16oz Corkcicle Tumbler | 16oz Corkcicle Canteen

Ask about custom pieces for school, teams, fundraisers and special events.